Metrocard FAIL

by CrescentMelissa


My Metrocard is broken. I was one of those chumps at the turnstile getting the message to “swipe again at this turnstile”. Everyone in back of me was getting mad and I was starting to sweat. I waited on line to speak to the subway booth person and she took it from me, rubbed it on her hands a few times, then said swipe it 5 times at the same turnstile. I was momentarily floored. Subway booth persons have magic in their fingers that make broken Metrocards work? I go, I do, but the spell was broken. Total FAIL, people getting annoyed behind me, sweating profusely etc etc. I go back to the booth and she said “oh it didn’t work baby?”. She hands me a postage paid envelope and says I have to mail it in to the MTA for a refund. But! She let me go through without paying the fare. Still, there is $50 on this card, why does the MTA get to use my money while I have to buy another card in the interim. I was thinking I should really make more of a fuss but I had a train to catch and seriously, I was so sweaty. MTA can suck it.