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Simple things

Bliss. Malbec and Greek takeout.


Au pair

I look like her au pair.


Bad Momming

Sometimes you need help. Help can come in many forms. Sawyer has been a whining mess today, and it is my fault. He did not go to sleep until 11pm and woke up at 6am. It started going down hill about 2pm which was our cue to bounce from the OTR picnic. We headed over to the Altmans to borrow a sleeping bag for Syd’s sleep over this evening. He was a whining mess there too. We came home, and guess who was a whining mess? It was dinner time and I couldn’t even think of cooking. Annie’s frozen dinner went in for my whining monster. I know I’m terrible, frozen food? Gah, sometimes you just have to make it work. I set up a movie on the iPad (Care Bears was requested). He is plugged in, mouth is to busy chewing to whine, food soothing the savage, care bears tickling his eyes. Although he did eat an awful lot today already? Boys, growing, etc etc.


BTW, would love a recipe for a great veggie loaf? Would be nice to make and freeze my own. Or I could just buy the already made one and just let go of the bad Momming guilt.

Keeping with the rainbow theme.


Sydney is getting to this age where she has things that are separate from us. She really enjoys making videos of herself (uh oh). Here is the latest.  It makes me want to flail my arms and join in, but that could be just because she is mine.

Over the Rainbow

Today was the dedication of the new Childrens Garden at Sawyer’s school, Over the Rainbow.


The space is incredible. They organized it by the five senses and the children at the school all had a part in the planting. Here is the “touch” section.


The children painted bird houses for use in the garden. How cute are these?


There is also a train and bridge for the children to play on. I definitely had the urge to frolic and skip but I held back. It’s good there was no alcohol served at the picnic.



I feel incredibly lucky that Sawyer is able to attend such a wonderful school with a loving staff. He loves it too!



Why can’t I shut up about these already?


But you guys, these are blue ones!

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