Not really the call you want to get

by CrescentMelissa

I got a call today from Sawyer’s school. Lorraine, the lovely and wonderful director, informs me that Sawyer stuck a bead up his nose. I stifled my urge to laugh, because it seemed inappropriate, but also I tend to laugh when I get nervous (cute). Paramedics needed to be called because it was to far up for anyone at school to reach. They called in the professionals. Paramedics get there, and apparently it was too far up for them to reach either. It was now….a hospital situation. Awesome. I was in the city, and the closest person was Shirley, our amazing babysitter. She goes, rides in the ambulance with Sawyer, and he of course is having the time of his life. The doctor removed the bead with a paper clip. Of course it’s Mountainside, why are you even asking me that? By the time I got to them everything was done. And this is the face that greets me.


To use an overused phrase, he’s lucky he’s cute.