by CrescentMelissa

Honesty is hard. It often can feel uncomfortable. I’m not talking about all forms of honesty. I am talking about the honesty you need when looking at yourself. Can you really make an authentic assessment? Who are we to other people? All others see is a collection of facts, details and ideas. Like anything really. A book, a movie, a piece of art, a dance movement, curve of a jaw, corner of a smile, a barrette holding up a tangle of hair.

Certain people seem very comfortable assessing others. They make judgements and write their stories. Stories written to suit themselves to soothe their own insecurities. It is much easier looking at others then really looking at oneself. This picture is created to make themselves more comfortable with their shortcomings. Why ever look at yourself when you can borrow details from the stories you are writing about others to make yourself feel less sad.

You guys, life is hard enough. The wisest advice I have ever received from a yogic teaching is to mind your own business. And I of course mean that in the sweetest way possible.