Happy Birthday Hellen Keller

by CrescentMelissa

Today is Helen Keller’s birthday.  I had not such a minor obsession with her in grammar school and every book report was about her.  It only got amped up after I saw The Miracle Worker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUV65sV8nu0 on TV.  Dang, this movie gives me FEELINGS.  Anne was Helen’s key to the outside world.  How profound for a young girl living in silence and darkness for most of her life to be given this?  This moment in the clip, when Helen finally makes the connection that the sign for water that Anne is making represents a tangible thing.  The Smithsonian has her touch watch up on their site today.  Helen, I love you. 

Um, also?  Patty Duke and Anne Bancroft 4eva.