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Month: July, 2012

“Resoundingly: yes.”

This really spoke to me.

I can’t pretend to know what having a child with disabilities is like. I only know my own life. Stresses, deadlines, to do lists. All self inflicted, because I am really good at being my own worst enemy. But there is also joy, and security, and love. And it is enough.

Has anyone read this?


It is giving me a lot of feelings. Especially having recently read this.


It is hard to read Ms. Mitchell’s depictions, when you know the horrible mistreatment meted out by their Southern ways. I’m sure I’ll have more to say as I get further along. I’m only at the part where Scarlett is all mad that Ashley is marrying someone else.

Jersey Girls


I don’t think their lipstick is dark enough, Syd always plays it safe.

Some comments about the Opening Ceremony


Sawyer: why are there scary people
Sydney: can we watch the Disney channel
Sawyer: why is this scary
Sawyer: I don’t like this, I want Sponge Bob
Jaime: I would rather watch gymnastics then football (Reader, I married him)

Someone gave me the best advice

He said, “If you don’t like it, just stop.”. This was in reference to running. I was killing myself, literally breaking bones and tearing muscles and being ridiculous. And I was just worn out. And he gave me this gift. It is so simple, but so hard. For me anyway. I always want to push harder, be the best, strongest, prettiest, most perfect ever. But at some point the joy is stripped and I don’t even know what am I doing. Saw this picture today. Life is simple. Why do us fussy little humans insist on complicating all of it?




This is the perfect day for this


I used to love watching this when I was little, it was almost as soothing as this.

How great would it be on this rainy day to curl up in bed and watch this? We can order food in and be lazy.

Seriously the best night ever?

Nothing incites a little “let’s break it down” like this.


You can count on a pissy post from me around 9ish or so when I’m hating life and tired.

Tiny Little House

So intriguing.

I do.


This is beautiful.

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