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Month: September, 2012


I’m loving this weather and I’m loving this girls.


As we wave goodbye to September


I don’t know about you, but the Autumn weather makes me think of this. I hope this harvest season is filled with lots of baked goods, weird dried corn and hay on your porches.


She is a “red carpet girl”. Oye.

This is not fat


I understand that she is in the public eye so her appearance will be scrutinized. It is part of the job. I just think it is lovely that she is honest about her eating disorders and struggles. Young people look up to her and I appreciate her response.

Frog and Toad


If any of you really love me you will make these happen.

“I am happy. I am very happy. This morning when I woke up I felt good because the sun was shining. I felt good because I was a frog.”

These books really make me feel good.

It’s not me it’s everybody else – Words With Friends


My friends Troy and Deshja made this amazeballs funny short about my favorite vice. Do not have a beverage while drinking this unless you enjoy choking or fluid shooting out of your nose.

Georgia O’Keefe in the house!


The Montclair Art Museum has a Georgia O’Keefe exhibit. Read a little about her here.

On October 4th the museum will be open late and refreshments will be available. It sounds lovely to stroll around and look at paintings doesn’t it? I will be there, will you?

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