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Month: October, 2012





Headband making this afternoon.

The newest Silberman

We have a new addition.



I took a detour. I’m on my way to Queens to pick up Wesley, our new pug! In my excitement I realized that the ride is not that long so I had time to stop for a quick bite. This thing of beauty is the Cinna-Stax from IHOP. Its like a cinnabon but legitimized into a breakfast product. The server asked me if I wanted sugar free syrup. I said no but I will take a side of bacon.


Home made blackboard magnets

These were a lot of fun to make. I made a blackboard wall for the kids in their playroom. I had some foam board laying around and thought that these would be great to make magnets. I drew the pictures, colored them, cut them out with an exacto knife, then glued magnets to the backs. Voila! These were fun to make.



You could really get creative with these. It might be fun to make a board game, letters, numbers, all sorts of things!

I’m not normally an outdoorsy person

I’m not normally an outdoorsy type, but I think I am changing as I get older. I am really enjoying the cooler temperatures and the leaves changing. I took the kids for a very mellow hike this morning. Syd wasn’t happy, she gets a little nervous with too much fresh air. I’m realizing this is something we need to work on.

Here she is asking me who put all these leaves on the ground?


That’s a little scary. I explained that they fell off the trees. Must get her outside more. She said quite unexpectedly that she was having a lot of fun. So that was nice. Maybe she is realizing that there are other fun things to do besides shopping?


Cat in a business suit


I love stories from an animal’s point of view.. Pets in clothes make me laugh so hard!

Silberman Family Command Center


I finally finished this. One scrumptious place for mail, keys,and paper to land. The magnet paint wound up not really working out, so we went with some steel strips from the container store. So I sort of did all that painting for no reason, but Jaime said at least it kept me busy. When I’m not busy I get a little cray cray so alls well that ends well, or something like that.


I got some cheapie metal office doodads from Kmart and glued some magnets on. And the kids can play on the blackboard underneath. The cup will hold the chalk and I will always have a pen at hand.

It’s the simple things you guys.

Cauliflower pancakes


These cauliflower pancakes look delicious. And I think you could veganize these fairly easily. Make them and let me know how they are, thanks.

Today in your nuh doy alert

Today in your nuh doy alert

So, to summarize, women would prefer doing fun shit instead of not fun shit. Also, the reason this study was done on women and not men is because women are super complicated and busy and frazzled and need to take better care of themselves. Men do not suffer from any of these issues, just women.

Thank you Journal of Economic Psychology.

I loved this

I loved this

Self loathing is one of my most comfortable places to be: I’m fat, I’m stupid, everyone hates me etc.  I loved this narrative.  I hope you enjoy it too.

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