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Month: January, 2013



I just wrote this on our kitchen blackboard.


Important for children and adults alike!


Sometimes when I’m getting my face ready in the morning all I see is Sawyer’s face looking back at me. Then I smile because its funny to put makeup on my Sawyer/mommy face!

Eating healthy smells like farts


And no I’m not farting but vegetables smell like farts.

Go ahead, get lost in this.

Go ahead, get lost in this.

This is the article that the movie “Blue Crush” was based on.  Get lost, feel the sand, and wish you were a rad surfer-home schooled-Hawaiian goddess. It helps take the mind off these frigid temps!

So happy, birds, thoughts, etc.


I’m choosing happy and not being a little complainer bird. I slept over my mother in law’s apartment last night and just noticed the lovely little collection she has of birds, some painted, some glass, but all just really darling.  They are sort of like this picture but way more chic and classy, like her!  I am not sure why I never noticed them before.  They made me so happy!  I look around my life lately and cannot believe how blessedly lucky I am.  My new work schedule allows me more time with the kids, which is really wonderful.  I still get two days to come into the city, which I find rejuvenating.  And then I get to go home and see my children, my dogs, my precious life all over again.  I love it all.  Even the “stress” feels good, because I can feel it.  I know when things aren’t working quite well to look at what I am contributing and not blame others.  It’s useless anyway.  Remember when we have the urge to judge, point fingers, or take inventory of another, what are we doing to contribute to the world?  When you say something crummy about someone else, it is your story you are telling, not theirs.

As an aside, I woke up with some terrible back pain (so much for not being a complainer bird).  Miraculously after writing this, I feel good.  Someone asked me today how I was doing, and I said “I’m blessed”.

I am making a sign for my house. We could all use a little bit of this!

Source of Inspiration

1. Abstain from false speech; do not tell lies or deceive.


right speech

In order to practice right speech,
we must be able to listen attentively.
All too often, we are not listening but
rather thinking of what we want to say.
But no matter what we say, it will not
be in response to the other as w we did
not hear mindfully what was said.

As a rule, when we speak, it is to
converse with others. Mindfulness of
all aspects of the conversation, is
important. We must be aware of content,
emotions, intention. For ourselves and
the others involved. Body language also
plays an important role.

Words are powerful tools. They can comfort
or harm. Use them with great care. Be aware
of how other people’s words affect you. I no
longer tolerate or wish to be around people
who are verbally abusive. Instead, I want to be…

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That’s how we do.


For my little monster who is turning 5.

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