Diner Date with Me

by CrescentMelissa

I’m at the diner.


Yes it is Valentines Day and I’m taking myself on a date. I have my sitter and I got off of work a little while ago. Jaime is in Paris so there wasn’t anyone to go out with. I actually enjoy my own company, and between my iPhone, iPad, and my busy little head it’s just fine. It’s actually more then fine, it’s pretty marvelous. And Jaime emailed me a picture of the crescent moon over Paris earlier today.


And I was just struck, because it was night there and it was still daytime here. Yeah, time difference, I’m always like whoa with that when he travels. Tonight as I was walking to my car I looked up at the sky and it was the same crescent moon that Jaime sent me a picture of. Only my moon was over NYC, and his moon was over Paris. It made me realize how incredibly small the world is, in the beautiful way a baby is small. Small is precious. It made the universe make sense for this really brief moment, if that makes sense at all. It is a delicious thought on this Valentines Day. Almost as delicious as the eggs I’m about to eat in this little corner of the universe.


Happy Valentines Day lovelies.