Scary warnings on Accutane. I’m not sure, it looks like I’m not supposed to get pregnant? Maybe they need a few more pictures with pregnant cartoons with the red “don’t do this” slashes through them to drive the message home.

I’m on Accutane, this hard core medication for my stubborn acne. Why is acne such a dick?

Anyway, part of the fun is having to check in with my doctor once a month + having to get blood work done just as often. I have to promise not to get pregnant and even have to complete a short set of questions each month on the Accutane website, promising I understand that if I get pregnant the baby will be wrecked. I also have to promise not to donate blood and that I understand how babies are made. The pharmacy cannot fill the prescription without the confirmation code from the doctor and the Accutane website. The doctor’s office opens at 6am so I can scoot in before work. However, they never seem to have my blood work in hand so that holds everything up. They are also always running behind. How you can run behind when I’m the first appointment at 6am is beyond me.

I suppose all the effort is worth it. We all know the most important things in life, like beautiful skin and a skinny body, take work.