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My son the artist

A little Keith Haring-esque if you ask me.


Melted bead sun catchers

Probably wishful thinking but I’m just craving warmth. All this cold weather is hard on me you guys. Perhaps to subconsciously manifest this, I made sun catchers with the kids.

Put just regular plastic beads in tins, like this.



You can put them in randomly or make patterns. Put them in the oven at 400 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

Take them out and let them cool. Check ours out.


I’ll be putting holes to attach some fishing string and hanging them on the porch. Once the sun comes out.

So this is what I did while the kids were in school

There was laundry to be done, furniture to be dusted and floors to be mopped. So I made a water color paper lotus flower. Made sense to me.



Art Class!

I started my art class yesterday at the Montclair Art Museum. Really fun! Here is one of the exercises we had to do, it was drawing an upside down copy of Picasso’s Portrait of Igor Stravinsky. It was challenging, I could literally feel my gears grinding.


Maurice Sendak

A little bit of happy.

Georgia O’Keefe in the house!


The Montclair Art Museum has a Georgia O’Keefe exhibit. Read a little about her here.

On October 4th the museum will be open late and refreshments will be available. It sounds lovely to stroll around and look at paintings doesn’t it? I will be there, will you?

Outsider Art (Art Brut)


I came upon this amazing story about a book of pictures found in a town dump and the person who drew them.

The artist, James Edward Deeds was a resident of a Midwestern insane asylum for most of his adult life. After reading about him it piqued my interest in outsider art. It is so compelling, because the creativity is pure, and not as influenced by cultural details (if at all) as more mainstream art may be (influences being the inside of an insane asylum, their vivid fantasy lives, or the voices they only hear). Imagine this, they are creating from a space where “the normals” will never experience. When viewing and taking in these pictures, it is as if we are the true outsiders. Enjoy the article, and check out the outsider art Wikipediapage here on this amazing movement.

Little tiny pictures for you and me.

Teeny tiny pictures!

These are pencil drawings. I think these are incredible.

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