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Follow up post to “Clip in bangs yay or nay?”

I googled how to DIY bangs and found a few tips. Then I just went ahead and did it.


I kind of feel like a sassy anchorwoman.

Clip in bangs, yay or nay?


I want to try bangs but I’m a big fraidy cat baby. So I googled images for clip in bangs and I just don’t know man. This link came up and Jessica Simpson seems pretty trustworthy to me. And $26.00 isn’t too much to gamble. I’m just nervous that I will think they look rad then step out in public and they won’t be that cute in real life. But the girl in this picture, she looks really happy.

Maybe I’ll just get another tattoo.


I cannot even begin to express how happy new makeup makes me. I only wear Bare Minerals because my skin is temperamental and hates anything else I try.


Love this shopping bag, did you all know I have a thing for packaging? I’m a total sucker. Here is my new lipstick, it’s Cherries on Top with Rebel on top of it. Rebel is from their Marvelous Moxie lip line which is supposed to make your lips bee stingee and, well, marvelous. I love it!


And I match my pretty new bag.


Ugh, beauty advice, amirite ladies?


This is silly.

I signed up for ballet!

have become obsessed with The Bar Method. The precise movements, the pain, going to my edge…it’s right for me. That being said, I thought how can I have more of this in my life? I briefly took up figure skating this winter, but my dreams were crushed when a humongous guy fell on top of me, causing me to lose my balance and fall directly on my tailbone. I limped away, bruised ego and tailbone in tow, and feeling a bit sad. Fast forward a few months and I discovered Bar. But, the fluidity of skating was missing. Ballet seems the most reasonable way to get that movement in, and don’t we all dream of being beautiful and willowy like a ballerina? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.


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