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Maurice Sendak

A little bit of happy.

Antiques Roadshow + Anne of Green Gables = amazeballs dipped in epic sauce


A combination of my favorite things – books and Antiques Roadshow. Also, doesn’t her mom seem like the sweetest thing ever? Best line is “Just don’t tell your siblings.”

Julia Child yo!


Let’s all make this. It would have been her 100th birthday next week. I loved watching her on PBS when I was a wee lass. I did get a little bummed when I read the book to find Ms. Child so dismissive of Julie’s project. I would be so devastated. But maybe that’s just Julia, what do I know.

Has anyone read this?


It is giving me a lot of feelings. Especially having recently read this.


It is hard to read Ms. Mitchell’s depictions, when you know the horrible mistreatment meted out by their Southern ways. I’m sure I’ll have more to say as I get further along. I’m only at the part where Scarlett is all mad that Ashley is marrying someone else.

Is nothing sacred?


I’m not a prude, furthest thing from one actually. But the beauty in literature is the inference of intimacy. Of course we know people had sex in the old tymey days but seriously what is this shit?

This is almost as bad as when this happened.

Everybody just stop your nonsense.

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