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Valentine Monsters

I’m trying not to over think these but I have all sorts of feelings about how these came out.


Elbow deep in oven scrubbing and cake pop making

And neither is anywhere near to being done.



For my little monster who is turning 5.

Why can’t I shut up about these already?


But you guys, these are blue ones!

I am thankful


For cake mix. Cake mix is so humble. Just a few additions and you feel like a Betty Crocker Martha Stewart Donna Reed goddess…and yes of course you can lick the spoon. And never mind the business with raw eggs being dangerous. The additives in the cake mix negate any cooties raw eggs might give you. Science people!

The Friday evening cocktail helps too.

Quest for Ballerina Body, Interrupted

Got up at 5:15am and thought, “wow I’m really not in the mood for Bar Method.” Despite this I got up, made the coffee, emptied the dishwasher, checked the weather, checked the email, thought about what I was going to wear to work. I wound up having to rush because all that thinking really slows me down. I hurried to Bar and saw everyone milling around the entrance. At first I thought “look we are having a summit in the parking lot!”. As I approached I saw their faces, frustrated tired faces. There was no key to the studio. The owner is a half hour away. Cue the sad trombones.

At least I have time to blow dry my hair. But! What about all those stupid cake pops I schnarfled this weekend? The quest for the ballerina body continues…

And now I can make the 7:02. Yay?

Cake popping mama

Cake popping started last night.


Jaime is always there to lend a hand.


I am always excited but get a bit tired towards mid project. When I get to this point I don’t care if I ever see another cake pop again. My counter was coated in candy melts and there were sprinkles on every surface! Why is everything so haaaaard?


But! The glory of a tray of these darling little cake pops all finished up and waiting to be eaten…it actually makes me flutter a bit. Almost like the meeting the baby after the exhaustion of labor? Yes I just compared birthing to cake pop making. I take a lot of pride in these little ones (cake pops or children? You guess.)



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