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iOS 6 – don’t do it

I just spent my whole commute trying to do something, any thing fun on my iPad but all I got was a big fat fail. Everything is being so weird since I updated the software this afternoon. I should have went with my instinct and left well enough alone. WordPress seems to be working though, so at least I have a channel to bitch. I hate even complaining about this, what a luxury problem. But I just wanted to play Gems With Friends!

Looking youthful just isn’t enough

Come on Evian. So not only should we aim to be youthful, because I know youth is everything and we all should be locked away in a dark place after turning 35. But, Evian thinks we should take it all the way back, and be like babies!


Evian is gross anyway. #firstworldproblem

Overheard on the train

This guy has been blabbing on his cell phone for the whole ride. Seems like he is working on some type of tech issue with his company or something. Best line of the conversation? “I don’t need a plan b, I need a plan a.”. Me too! Maybe that has been my problem all along, I have been using plan b when all I really needed was plan a!

Come on people


The train was called for boarding but now we are all standing on the platform waiting for the doors to open. That’s hot.

Favorite part of the morning



So close, too close


This is three pairs of knees. I’m sitting on the train in one of those seats that face each other. It is too early for this much intimacy. The two people sitting across from me insisted on squeezing in. And one of them has been on her cell phone the entire time. Her mom is getting surgery, her daughter is excited for her trip, yadda yadda. Come. On. People.

Metrocard FAIL


My Metrocard is broken. I was one of those chumps at the turnstile getting the message to “swipe again at this turnstile”. Everyone in back of me was getting mad and I was starting to sweat. I waited on line to speak to the subway booth person and she took it from me, rubbed it on her hands a few times, then said swipe it 5 times at the same turnstile. I was momentarily floored. Subway booth persons have magic in their fingers that make broken Metrocards work? I go, I do, but the spell was broken. Total FAIL, people getting annoyed behind me, sweating profusely etc etc. I go back to the booth and she said “oh it didn’t work baby?”. She hands me a postage paid envelope and says I have to mail it in to the MTA for a refund. But! She let me go through without paying the fare. Still, there is $50 on this card, why does the MTA get to use my money while I have to buy another card in the interim. I was thinking I should really make more of a fuss but I had a train to catch and seriously, I was so sweaty. MTA can suck it.

It’s too darn hot

This weather makes me one cranky commuter.

Why is there no air conditioning in Penn Station? As if commuting wasn’t ridiculous enough. Someone just asked me for change of a 20. I didn’t have, as I usually walk around with about a dollar in my purse. But, then she had the nerve to point out how sweaty I am, and asked me if I was ok! It’s hot out people and I’m on my last nerve. I’m on a medication ok. It makes me sweat as it is and combined with the oppressive heat I will always be drenched. Think about cold things think about cold things…

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