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Cat in a business suit


I love stories from an animal’s point of view.. Pets in clothes make me laugh so hard!

Cauliflower pancakes


These cauliflower pancakes look delicious. And I think you could veganize these fairly easily. Make them and let me know how they are, thanks.

I want to make …

I want to make this so badly. Getting a head start on my winter weight gain, as there is no time like the present.  I like being motivational like that.

Guess what Mommy is bringing to the Thanksgiving table?

Guess what Mommy is bringing to the Thanksgiving table?

Ha ha dummies you don’t have to guess.  This sounds really amazing and super easy. I love dump, mix, and bake recipes.

Vegan Lentil Bolognese

This looks delicious and easy. Vegan lentil bolognese, yes please!

Vegan Chickie

[tweetmeme source=”VeganChickie”]I’ve decided that this week is going to be slow cooker week in the foodie household, starting with Vegan Lentil Bolognese.. and oh wow, this recipe was good! And I don’t just mean that in the being polite to the cook kind of way, I mean that in the oh my goodness I need another bowl even though I’m so full I can barely move kind of way. Bolognese was always one of my favourites when I was a kid and it’s one of those dishes that I have really missed as a vegetarian (that and the Hainanese Chicken Rice I used to love to eat when I was in Singapore – Anyone got a good vegan substitute for that recipe?). Well, I will no longer be pining for the bolognese of my past because I’ve definitely found a replacement for this particular comfort food.

The inspiration for this…

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Cholent Recipe – My Jewish Learning

My kids would go crazy for this.  You put this all together the night before then cook it for 12 hours in the oven at 225 degrees.  You can make dumplings to add (knaidlach) which are made with chicken fat.

Cholent Recipe – My Jewish Learning.

Who doesn’t love breakfast?


Other countries have it so right when it come to this meal. Thailand wins.

Julia Child yo!


Let’s all make this. It would have been her 100th birthday next week. I loved watching her on PBS when I was a wee lass. I did get a little bummed when I read the book to find Ms. Child so dismissive of Julie’s project. I would be so devastated. But maybe that’s just Julia, what do I know.

Cocktail beginnings…

Getting cocktails kicked off with some guacamole and white wine.


Something romantic

I find something romantic about this train ride. This train brings me to the Berkshires, where my husband and children are waiting for me. The countryside is beautiful, even for a very un-outdoorsy person like myself. This train helps me lose the office worker crankiness, as I know giggles and hugs are waiting for me at the end. It is the Wassaic line which departs from Grand Central Station. It is silly, but I get butterflies when I walk into the main area of Grand Central. It is so breathtaking, the gold clock, the ceiling lit up with constellations, commuters and weekenders getting ready for departure. And you can buy wine to drink on the train! Everything about it makes me happy. I have my iPad, train wine, and a bursting bag of goodies ready to be chopped, sautéed and assembled into a strata. I also stopped into the Grand Central Market which is happy inducing all on its own. All those beautiful ingredients waiting to be formed into something magical.


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