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DIY Photo Booth

Getting ready for the party


Unintentionally Xmas themed gifts

I am making a painted mug and vase for a friend but I only had red, green, gold and white glass paints. These are all xmassy and shit. Bah. I’m still giving them to her.


I wish I could just shut up about these photo transfers already

Finally got these done. I’m going to do one of me and Jaime too.




Photo transfers with the kindles


The kids are helping me finish these photo transfers that I started a million years ago.

Upcycled Tissue Boxes

What a rad way to up cycle a tissue box!

Diary of a Mad Crafter

This tutorial is pretty much the same as my wrapped bottle tutorial, only this one uses a tissue box. It’s a little time consuming, but the results are pretty awesome, so in my opinion, it’s worth it. No one would ever be able to tell it was a tissue box when looking at the after picture! It looks like a little woven basket! If you wanted to make a larger version of this, you could use a thicker rope, so you’re not sitting there for hours wrapping the thin jute string around it!

I started by taping the top of the tissue box, so when I cut the top off, it wouldn’t fall apart. After cutting the top off, I started gluing the jute on. I used a hot glue gun, and when I do this again, I’ll start from the bottom, rather than the top, though it’s not…

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Wonder Woman Apron!

This is awesome!


Work ApronRemember my Wonder Woman retro apron? (You can take a quick peek here!) I’ve made and given away three so far and have more in the works, but I wanted to make a simpler, non-ruffly version for art teacher Tiffany (one of the beautiful brides on my mantel!) who wears fun aprons at work in her job as a middle school art teacher. Then I received a bag of sewing hand-me-downs, and tucked between some fabric remnants was a denim work apron—just the body with a pocket on the bib, no neck or waist ties . . . perfect! To WW-ize it, I:

  • removed the pocket,
  • appliqued one of my WW bibs right over the top of the denim,
  • used the pocket I removed for the inside of a new WW star fabric pocket and sewed it on the skirt, and
  • made and attached star-fabric neck and waist…

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Melted bead sun catchers

Probably wishful thinking but I’m just craving warmth. All this cold weather is hard on me you guys. Perhaps to subconsciously manifest this, I made sun catchers with the kids.

Put just regular plastic beads in tins, like this.



You can put them in randomly or make patterns. Put them in the oven at 400 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

Take them out and let them cool. Check ours out.


I’ll be putting holes to attach some fishing string and hanging them on the porch. Once the sun comes out.


That’s how we do.

Popsicle puzzles

I took some Popsicle sticks and made this puzzle for the kids. Thank you Pinterest!



Sock monkey and little monster

New year stuffies.


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