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I just wrote this on our kitchen blackboard.


Important for children and adults alike!


The view is spectacular. The sunset is nice too.

Third grade!

Sydney said “I’m a little sad I’m not with my old friends, but I am happy because I will get to make new friends.”

She is my little rock star.



Sprouting like the crazy plant in my kitchen

When you are in the thick of babyhood, big kid days seem far away. You don’t remember what it felt like to sleep uninterrupted, shower without the baby in the swing staring at you the whole time, not having to worry about leaky breasts, transitioning to solid food, or will this freaking baby ever sleep.


But then it happens. And your kids like having time apart from you, you aren’t their only source of everything.. And they have playdates and disappear upstairs, coming downstairs for only a snack and not even a kiss? What about a hello even? Despite this, I love every minute of growth, because I can see them blossoming. They are happy, and comfortable being apart, I suppose because they know that I’ll always be downstairs, which is a very sweet thought for me. Yay for motherhood. As much as I can bitch about it I feel so incredibly lucky.


Lovely beach day

A visit to the beach is so nourishing. We joined a beach club this year and the Summer has been amazing because of it. So many blessings!




Sawyer hates being photographed. Just like Sydney (yeah right.). So I caught a pic of them exploring but it was from 100 miles away basically.

Also! Saw a pod of dolphins swim by our beach, and they were jumping out of the water! No pics, the iPhone isn’t that great. But still, seems like its good luck right, to see a pod of dolphins swimming right off the beach.

Halloween? But it’s only August

This gem came into mail today.


I know everyone is saying this, but my head isn’t even wrapped around Summer and now Autumn is being discussed. This is going in my wtf file. Sydney already bookmarked what she is going to be.

The reason for everything

The reason for everything


Cocktail beginnings…

Getting cocktails kicked off with some guacamole and white wine.


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