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Eating healthy smells like farts


And no I’m not farting but vegetables smell like farts.


I took a detour. I’m on my way to Queens to pick up Wesley, our new pug! In my excitement I realized that the ride is not that long so I had time to stop for a quick bite. This thing of beauty is the Cinna-Stax from IHOP. Its like a cinnabon but legitimized into a breakfast product. The server asked me if I wanted sugar free syrup. I said no but I will take a side of bacon.


I want to make …

I want to make this so badly. Getting a head start on my winter weight gain, as there is no time like the present.  I like being motivational like that.

Guess what Mommy is bringing to the Thanksgiving table?

Guess what Mommy is bringing to the Thanksgiving table?

Ha ha dummies you don’t have to guess.  This sounds really amazing and super easy. I love dump, mix, and bake recipes.

If sugar is wrong I don’t wanna be right

This nice weather is mocking my pmmsy mood. How dare it be so nice out. Crumbs to the rescue!

Ramen and other tasty things

I used to get a cup-o-noodles ramen cup at the Curtis Hill Deli almost everyday. So satisfying in its own way, although I can admit what garbage it is. Here is a beautiful slide show of the real deal legit ramen from Japan, along with some other treats. Nothing makes me happier then pictures of food on a rainy day.

Cholent Recipe – My Jewish Learning

My kids would go crazy for this.  You put this all together the night before then cook it for 12 hours in the oven at 225 degrees.  You can make dumplings to add (knaidlach) which are made with chicken fat.

Cholent Recipe – My Jewish Learning.

Julia Child yo!


Let’s all make this. It would have been her 100th birthday next week. I loved watching her on PBS when I was a wee lass. I did get a little bummed when I read the book to find Ms. Child so dismissive of Julie’s project. I would be so devastated. But maybe that’s just Julia, what do I know.

Cocktail beginnings…

Getting cocktails kicked off with some guacamole and white wine.


Seriously the best night ever?

Nothing incites a little “let’s break it down” like this.


You can count on a pissy post from me around 9ish or so when I’m hating life and tired.

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