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Hopeful avocado plants

Me and Beanie eat a lot of avocados. I’m trying to make them into plants, but man is it slow going. I’m looking at this as a practice in patience. Om shanti.


Plants are growing…in my house?

I am not really a plant person. It always seemed counterintuitive to me to purposely bring pots of dirt into the house. Dirt is yucky. But, Beanie brought plants home. One was a gift for Mother’s Day and one was from the gardening unit they just studied at his school. You can check out the pictures of their amazeballs garden right on this blog. If I was savvier I would put a link in this post to that post but doesn’t that seem just way too complicated?

So, the plants…I know one of them is supposed to be a carrot, and it does look like one giant carrot is going to grow out of this little plastic cup. The other looks like the weeds growing in my neighbors yard (seriously, please cut your grass!). They are growing, a lot. I do water them so I know that is helping them. Other then that I am not sure what to do with these. I should transfer them to some pretty pots on the deck. I’ll add it to my never ending to-do list.


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