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Princess Gwyneth has spoken


These are all the things you need from J.Crew, says Gwyneth.

I love these outfit ideas, but what’s even better is her facial expressions modeling her looks. She really is the princess of the world. Besides me of course. I am getting that leopard clutch and I am going to smirk with smug self satisfaction. When people ask me where I got it, I will say “I can’t tell you but thanks for your interest.”.


I got this gem in my Inbox last week

I got this gem in my Inbox last week

Does anyone else subscribe to Princess Gwyneth’s lifestyle blog?  I get these little treasures every week or so, but this one was particularly hilarious.  Yes, please tell me what I should sleep on.  Because you are the person I want to be like.  Seriously, I love her.  In like a “she is the most popular girl in school and you hate her publicly but in your head you wish you were besties” way.

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