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Follow up post to “Clip in bangs yay or nay?”

I googled how to DIY bangs and found a few tips. Then I just went ahead and did it.


I kind of feel like a sassy anchorwoman.

Clip in bangs, yay or nay?


I want to try bangs but I’m a big fraidy cat baby. So I googled images for clip in bangs and I just don’t know man. This link came up and Jessica Simpson seems pretty trustworthy to me. And $26.00 isn’t too much to gamble. I’m just nervous that I will think they look rad then step out in public and they won’t be that cute in real life. But the girl in this picture, she looks really happy.

Maybe I’ll just get another tattoo.


Jersey Girls


I don’t think their lipstick is dark enough, Syd always plays it safe.

Isn’t she lovely


This picture gives me butterflies. Kids have such a way of really giving in to the moment. I imagine she is thinking how nice the breeze feels and how fresh the water feels.

Frizz monster


I used to have silky straight hair. Ever since starting Accutane in January, my hair is big, puffy and frizzy. But still straight at the same time? As Sawyer would say, “nannoying!”. Also, isn’t this stock photo hilarious? I’m actually wearing a white tank top now and doing the same thing with my hands.

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