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Scrabble Tile Pillows

OMG, these rock! Scrabble tile pillows you guys. You can get your inner nerd and crafty girl in sync!


When I saw some scrabble tile pillows in a photo on Get In My Home, I knew I just had to try making some! Here’s how:

(1) Find some khaki colored fabric. (Lucky me, my husband had just handed me an old polo shirt in just this color that he no longer wanted!) Cut out two squares for each letter of the word you want to make. I started with 8-inch squares because I just wanted to make some small pillows to put on a shelf, but you could go much larger or smaller.

(2) Go to Fuzzimo, scroll down to where it says “Download Wooden Scrabble Letter Tiles Image,” and download the photo.

(3) Go to PicMonkey and use their tools to crop and enlarge the desired tiles.

(4) Print the tiles, cut out the letters and numbers, and tape them onto a piece of black felt.

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Way too proud of myself

Always things on the to do list, amirite? I have had these 2 bulletin boards for a year with the stock photos still in the frames.


But, I got one of them done today! Jaime took a nice series of pictures of Sawyer last year and they went perfectly in this frame.

I just have to get 4 pictures of Syd to put in the other one we have. This is basically a wash, crossed one off; added something back on.

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