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Almost Sunday Morning Perfection


I’m having a lovely morning. The fam gave me a day pass and I’m enjoying a Sunday morning in Manhattan. I tripped upon this sweet little coffee shop La Colombe Torrefaction. I’m enjoying a double espresso and chocolate croissant. However when I asked where the restroom is they said it wasn’t for customers. I exclaimed “a coffee shop without a bathroom?”. The guy said, “this is New York”. What does that even mean? I’m a born and bred New Yorker. People in New York certainly use the bathroom after drinking coffee? Unless I missed something. Their website says the coffee and customers come first. They should also add “but not if you need to use the bathroom”. Gah.

Your LL Bean Boyfriend

I thought I was the only one that flipped through catalogs and made up imaginary conversations/life events/situations with the models frolicking through the pages. Apparently, I’m not.

I LOVE doing this with the Athleta catalog.


I’m so gloriously aligned after the yoga class I just took. I’ll just slip into my Sochi Sweater Dress and meet my girls for a tea. Life is good, I’m smiling, and I’m carrying a blue mug.

Happy New Year – 2012 Year in Review (according to my FB page)


I went backstage and got to see real life Rocekettes.  I also got to meet a camel.

I went apple picking.

I liked 400 pages about pugs.

I liked Tory Burch shoes.

Sawyer discovered yoga.

Sydney does a talent show.

I lost my shoe running for a train.

I drank at the Gansevoort.

I turned 35.

I updated my profile picture.

I took a nice picture of my niece and nephew with Sydney and Sawyer.

Was this a year well lived?  You betcha.

I made an Ironman Mask for Sawyer


But he got upset because I originally made the popsicle stick blue, even though that is what he said he wanted. I changed it to red but he is still upset about the blue. It takes him a little time to let it go.

The mask came out pretty rad though.


I took a detour. I’m on my way to Queens to pick up Wesley, our new pug! In my excitement I realized that the ride is not that long so I had time to stop for a quick bite. This thing of beauty is the Cinna-Stax from IHOP. Its like a cinnabon but legitimized into a breakfast product. The server asked me if I wanted sugar free syrup. I said no but I will take a side of bacon.


Cat in a business suit


I love stories from an animal’s point of view.. Pets in clothes make me laugh so hard!

Today in your nuh doy alert

Today in your nuh doy alert

So, to summarize, women would prefer doing fun shit instead of not fun shit. Also, the reason this study was done on women and not men is because women are super complicated and busy and frazzled and need to take better care of themselves. Men do not suffer from any of these issues, just women.

Thank you Journal of Economic Psychology.

Don’t Make Me Sing


I always have this dialog going in my head when I bust out the ukulele. Guys, I sing really really good.

Watch this from idontgiveafach on Vimeo.

You will all be sorry when I am playing Carnegie Hall.

As we wave goodbye to September


I don’t know about you, but the Autumn weather makes me think of this. I hope this harvest season is filled with lots of baked goods, weird dried corn and hay on your porches.

It’s not me it’s everybody else – Words With Friends


My friends Troy and Deshja made this amazeballs funny short about my favorite vice. Do not have a beverage while drinking this unless you enjoy choking or fluid shooting out of your nose.

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