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Daddy is back from Paris

Gift from Daddy. I love it and him.


Ironman continued


Jaime yelled at Sydney for screaming in the house. Seems counterintuitive to yell when she is screaming but she can’t hear you otherwise. But he had the Ironman mask on while he was yelling at her. And she couldn’t stop laughing. I told her it was disrespectful to laugh when your father is correcting you. Even if he is wearing an Ironman mask. This is what you call effective parenting.

I thought it would be funny to get a picture of the three of them in their masks but you can kind of see Sawyer’s head cocked to the side because he is figuring out if he is still mad about the Popsicle stick debacle.

Sleeping, or dreams of


Sawyer said he would sleep in his own room if I ordered this.. Sawyer needs a body in order to fall asleep. I’m pretty relaxed about these things and I always felt that a well rested family trumps all. Kids are only kids for such a relatively short period of time, and I did after all decide to bring them here. So we take turns on who is sleeping where (meaning Jaime and I, not the kids because honestly its their house we just live here). Sawyer said if we get him this he will sleep in his own room by himself. We thought let’s give it a try. So tonight Turtle arrived in the mail and we have been busy shuffling Lambie, Duckie, and Curious George flat pillow (gah I know stop judging!) from Mommy and Daddy’s room up to his room. We’ll see how this all plays out.

Friday night and the mood is right

Veggie Heaven. Upper Montclair style. Cause that’s how we do.


Merit wines. I know, but you can park right out front!


While I sit at my desk

My children are leaping through the air.*



I can’t be sure, but I think they are enjoying themselves.


*Supervised fun of course. Daddy and Shirley took them to the beach club for the day.

Killing it at the Jersey shore

Lots of fun. I saw this helmet sitting on a Harley in Pier Village. I hope these stickers are meant as tongue in cheek, but not so sure based on some of the characters I spotted. Which one is your favorite? I like the zipper lips one but that’s just me.


The kids are really the happiest at the beach.




Another wonderful day. Loving Long Branch. Jersey 4eva.

Isn’t every day Fathers Day?

It took Sydney 10 minutes to play a one minute song. I’m glad we are paying for all those lessons. Happy Fathers Day!


Simple things

Bliss. Malbec and Greek takeout.


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