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Sydney’s Name Shabbat

Sydney’s Hebrew School class all spoke about their Hebrew names last night at Shabbat services. #kvelling #jewishmother




I insist on keeping myself very busy. I have two speeds, fast or coma. I almost feel as if i sit still that i will fall apart.

Webmaster, paid work, mothering, wiping, cleaning, dreaming, worrying, commuting, breathing fast, breathing slow, smiling, crying, blinking, admiring, flirting, waving, typing, eating, sewing, thinking, thinking, thinking, laughing, dreaming.

And it’s only 9:30 am.

Daddy is back from Paris

Gift from Daddy. I love it and him.


Diner Date with Me

I’m at the diner.


Yes it is Valentines Day and I’m taking myself on a date. I have my sitter and I got off of work a little while ago. Jaime is in Paris so there wasn’t anyone to go out with. I actually enjoy my own company, and between my iPhone, iPad, and my busy little head it’s just fine. It’s actually more then fine, it’s pretty marvelous. And Jaime emailed me a picture of the crescent moon over Paris earlier today.


And I was just struck, because it was night there and it was still daytime here. Yeah, time difference, I’m always like whoa with that when he travels. Tonight as I was walking to my car I looked up at the sky and it was the same crescent moon that Jaime sent me a picture of. Only my moon was over NYC, and his moon was over Paris. It made me realize how incredibly small the world is, in the beautiful way a baby is small. Small is precious. It made the universe make sense for this really brief moment, if that makes sense at all. It is a delicious thought on this Valentines Day. Almost as delicious as the eggs I’m about to eat in this little corner of the universe.


Happy Valentines Day lovelies.

Terrible Poetry

I am not sure
Where the housework ends
And I begin
Homemade cleaning products
Cake pops
Dinner at the diner again
Because cooking seems impossible
I don’t think anyone told me
This is what it is.

Sleeping, or dreams of


Sawyer said he would sleep in his own room if I ordered this.. Sawyer needs a body in order to fall asleep. I’m pretty relaxed about these things and I always felt that a well rested family trumps all. Kids are only kids for such a relatively short period of time, and I did after all decide to bring them here. So we take turns on who is sleeping where (meaning Jaime and I, not the kids because honestly its their house we just live here). Sawyer said if we get him this he will sleep in his own room by himself. We thought let’s give it a try. So tonight Turtle arrived in the mail and we have been busy shuffling Lambie, Duckie, and Curious George flat pillow (gah I know stop judging!) from Mommy and Daddy’s room up to his room. We’ll see how this all plays out.



I do.


This is beautiful.

Favorite adjectives?



Dark (can have so.many.meanings.)

Photogenic (am I ugly in real life?)




Know it all

Chic (what?)





What are your favorites?

Friday night and the mood is right

Veggie Heaven. Upper Montclair style. Cause that’s how we do.


Merit wines. I know, but you can park right out front!


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