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My heart oy

The squeaks are off to their first day of school. Sawyer was hesitant and did not really say much. My heart hurts, Kindergarten is a big deal. Syd went in with her usual know it all confidence! I’m excited to hear how both of their days went.



when they were little

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I insist on keeping myself very busy. I have two speeds, fast or coma. I almost feel as if i sit still that i will fall apart.

Webmaster, paid work, mothering, wiping, cleaning, dreaming, worrying, commuting, breathing fast, breathing slow, smiling, crying, blinking, admiring, flirting, waving, typing, eating, sewing, thinking, thinking, thinking, laughing, dreaming.

And it’s only 9:30 am.

Gosh it’s bright in here

Syd’s favorite place, Justice. Only the highest of fashion for her. I imagine this is what the inside of her head looks like.


Sawyer is being a really good sport. He seems a little perplexed by it all.


Daddy is back from Paris

Gift from Daddy. I love it and him.


This is a guy that just gets it

He is so comfortable with himself. No pretenses, he relaxes and does not think of all the things he may be missing or does not have. I need a little bit of that.


Photo transfers with the kindles


The kids are helping me finish these photo transfers that I started a million years ago.

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