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Led to a missed step, a sprained ankle, and now a boot. What you talking aboot Willis?

iOS 6 – don’t do it

I just spent my whole commute trying to do something, any thing fun on my iPad but all I got was a big fat fail. Everything is being so weird since I updated the software this afternoon. I should have went with my instinct and left well enough alone. WordPress seems to be working though, so at least I have a channel to bitch. I hate even complaining about this, what a luxury problem. But I just wanted to play Gems With Friends!

Very hot days make me crankers


Gah, just sitting at my desk and it is so hot up in here.  The AC doesn’t seem to be working and I am SWEATING.  I just cursed at a spreadsheet so maybe it’s time for a break.

Come on people


The train was called for boarding but now we are all standing on the platform waiting for the doors to open. That’s hot.

So close, too close


This is three pairs of knees. I’m sitting on the train in one of those seats that face each other. It is too early for this much intimacy. The two people sitting across from me insisted on squeezing in. And one of them has been on her cell phone the entire time. Her mom is getting surgery, her daughter is excited for her trip, yadda yadda. Come. On. People.

Metrocard FAIL


My Metrocard is broken. I was one of those chumps at the turnstile getting the message to “swipe again at this turnstile”. Everyone in back of me was getting mad and I was starting to sweat. I waited on line to speak to the subway booth person and she took it from me, rubbed it on her hands a few times, then said swipe it 5 times at the same turnstile. I was momentarily floored. Subway booth persons have magic in their fingers that make broken Metrocards work? I go, I do, but the spell was broken. Total FAIL, people getting annoyed behind me, sweating profusely etc etc. I go back to the booth and she said “oh it didn’t work baby?”. She hands me a postage paid envelope and says I have to mail it in to the MTA for a refund. But! She let me go through without paying the fare. Still, there is $50 on this card, why does the MTA get to use my money while I have to buy another card in the interim. I was thinking I should really make more of a fuss but I had a train to catch and seriously, I was so sweaty. MTA can suck it.

Quest for Ballerina Body, Interrupted

Got up at 5:15am and thought, “wow I’m really not in the mood for Bar Method.” Despite this I got up, made the coffee, emptied the dishwasher, checked the weather, checked the email, thought about what I was going to wear to work. I wound up having to rush because all that thinking really slows me down. I hurried to Bar and saw everyone milling around the entrance. At first I thought “look we are having a summit in the parking lot!”. As I approached I saw their faces, frustrated tired faces. There was no key to the studio. The owner is a half hour away. Cue the sad trombones.

At least I have time to blow dry my hair. But! What about all those stupid cake pops I schnarfled this weekend? The quest for the ballerina body continues…

And now I can make the 7:02. Yay?



Scary warnings on Accutane. I’m not sure, it looks like I’m not supposed to get pregnant? Maybe they need a few more pictures with pregnant cartoons with the red “don’t do this” slashes through them to drive the message home.

I’m on Accutane, this hard core medication for my stubborn acne. Why is acne such a dick?

Anyway, part of the fun is having to check in with my doctor once a month + having to get blood work done just as often. I have to promise not to get pregnant and even have to complete a short set of questions each month on the Accutane website, promising I understand that if I get pregnant the baby will be wrecked. I also have to promise not to donate blood and that I understand how babies are made. The pharmacy cannot fill the prescription without the confirmation code from the doctor and the Accutane website. The doctor’s office opens at 6am so I can scoot in before work. However, they never seem to have my blood work in hand so that holds everything up. They are also always running behind. How you can run behind when I’m the first appointment at 6am is beyond me.

I suppose all the effort is worth it. We all know the most important things in life, like beautiful skin and a skinny body, take work.

What To Expect (I cannot believe they made a movie about this?)

What to expect when expecting

What to expect when texting

What to expect when selecting…what to get from the vending machine

What to expect when expecting company that’s expecting

What to expect when expecting to be funny but your really just not?

What to expect when sexting…but you just can’t think of anything sexting-y? Um, my panties, they smell wet?

What to expect when you go to sleep to late but you know you have to get up early but you can’t stop babbling in your head and writing not funny nonsense that does not have any point anyway.

No use in crying over spilled dressing…

To complete my further self beratement over eating today, I went and got a big salad and of course dumped too much dressing all over it.  The only reason I eat salad is because I love dressing.  Doing to many things at once at the desk and I got a nice big glob on my lap.  Takeaways?  Too much dressing is disgusting and I need to get it together.  Also, you are supposed to eat with a napkin on your lap so these stupid things don’t happen.

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