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Art Class!

I started my art class yesterday at the Montclair Art Museum. Really fun! Here is one of the exercises we had to do, it was drawing an upside down copy of Picasso’s Portrait of Igor Stravinsky. It was challenging, I could literally feel my gears grinding.


Ramen and other tasty things

I used to get a cup-o-noodles ramen cup at the Curtis Hill Deli almost everyday. So satisfying in its own way, although I can admit what garbage it is. Here is a beautiful slide show of the real deal legit ramen from Japan, along with some other treats. Nothing makes me happier then pictures of food on a rainy day.

I got to play with my new camera this weekend

I took some pictures of my favorite subjects. Sawyer is usually hard to catch a picture of but my new slr is super stealthy and I got some good snaps.

He is yelling at me to stop.


But I got some happy ones too!



Here he is showing me his latest treasure. I love all the detail on his little fingers.


Of course, Syd is very easy to photograph. She’s never met a camera she didn’t like.


I wimped out and mainly used the auto settings. But I’m thinking about taking a class this Fall.

Fun with photo apps!

I’m enjoying fiddling around with some of these neat photo apps on iPad. Like Instagram, but with caffeine.

This is me and Syd in Indonesia last year. I made this using Snapseed. This really lets you get fancy. You can fine tune and pretty up until your heart is content.


This one was made with Retrocamera. Not as easy to use and their effects aren’t as pretty as Snapseed. I actually tried a few pictures before and I didn’t really love the way any of them came out. This is the best one. It’s Sydney, 11 months.


PE HD – Fotolr – This has more silly options. You can add text, wigs, makeup…the possibilities for fucking someone up are epic. But I just used it to make funny pictures of Quincy. And this could also be a nice option for holiday cards, adding your text right to the picture.



I’m doing some experimenting with Photo transferring. But not only on wood, on canvas too!. I have one on canvas drying this evening. Pictures will follow. But, how do you know I’m not editing the photos to make the project look better? Because I’m not a jerk you guys.

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