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Half bunny, half pug

He looks like a bunny to me when he sits like this. I think its the way his leg lays. He loves sitting next to the heating vent in the kitchen.



You know he’s really relaxed when his tongue is out like this.


This is a guy that just gets it

He is so comfortable with himself. No pretenses, he relaxes and does not think of all the things he may be missing or does not have. I need a little bit of that.



Pug sleeping

There was a pug, a little pug, but he only wants to sleep.


Pug drawing: a quick sketch

A quick sketch on the iPad. In trying to keep up with the pug a day.


That’s a mean pug that has run out of patience!

I drew a pug today (what is wrong with me?)


I copied it from this.


My drawing makes Simon look a little wacky wack, I think his head might be a little too small? In my drawing I mean. Simon’s head is the perfect size. That’s what she said.

Also, do you like how I tagged this as Art? :/

I drew a pug today

Day 3 of a pug-a-day.


Let’s draw some pugs!

Because why not? I’m teaching myself how to draw pugs. The Internet can teach you everythiiiiing.

I know he looks angry here. Pug eyes are complex, a little to much ink and you have mean city!


This one is a bit happier. This is not based on Simon this is just a random Internet pug.


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