Banh Mi? Yes please!

I had a funny craving for cilantro. The perfect way to satisfy it? Well a Banh Mi of course!

Banh Mi is a sandwich originating from French colonial times in Vietnam. For those of you not familiar with this culinary delight, it is a warm crusty baguette filled with some type of meat, plus pâté, cucumber, cilantro (f u cilantro haters!), carrots and daikon. There are also vegetarian versions for you kids that are better people then me, and even a breakfast version with eggs? Asian people rock the breakfast meal, so far ahead of us.


I love many dishes that result from a mash up of cultures. It is like you are truly eating someone’s heritage? History? Subjugation of one culture by another? I don’t know. The one I’m enjoying at my desk cost $8.00. In Vietnam, this sandwich costs $0.78. $8.00 is still a good deal in Midtown for a warm yummy sandwich.

Here is some more info on the best sandwich ever if you care to learn something and make your internetting more productive for at least 10 minutes you big slacker cow.

Bonus! This includes a clip of Anthony Bourdain enjoying one. Gah, I really love his snarky ass and can go on and on about him, but I’ll save it for another post.