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Terrible Poetry

I am not sure
Where the housework ends
And I begin
Homemade cleaning products
Cake pops
Dinner at the diner again
Because cooking seems impossible
I don’t think anyone told me
This is what it is.

It’s not me it’s everybody else – Words With Friends


My friends Troy and Deshja made this amazeballs funny short about my favorite vice. Do not have a beverage while drinking this unless you enjoy choking or fluid shooting out of your nose.

Are you kidding me?


These videos always elicit a snort laugh. You’re welcome.

Mr. Belding!?!


This makes me feel wierd.

A good old fashioned time waster

I found this completely mesmerizing..


Barack Obama made me the vp of keeping it real

Sydney said I said that Barack Obama made a comment on my blog. I said no, she said yes I did. So instead of fighting I just said fine yes he did. Then Uncle Jordan said, yes, Syd he made her the Vice President of keeping it real.


I bet this is the answer!

If only I had this magic cream. The ad is so convincing no?


Definitely made me suck in my gut when I saw it. This is prominently displayed in the entrance of CVS. It did not stop me from my Dunkin Donuts run.

Super Sawyer!

A couple of lessons and he thinks he’s Michael Phelps.

It’s so big

So I just did a walk in at Jean Biguine and got my haircut by Orlando, who was very sweet. He insisted on “big weekend hair”. I told him to go for it. I’m feeling a little 9th grade circa 1992.


Forget about American Girl dolls

Forget about American Girl dolls

Your little girl would have liked this much better then that stupid fancy American Girl doll.  Perfect way to give it to them?  Tuck it into bed with her so when she wakes up she can meet her new friend.*

*I’m just kidding but this would be funny to do to a spouse.

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