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I love Simon so much

But as he gets older he just not that into me. He prefers Jaime. But that’s okay. I still think we look alike, it’s the big heads and buggy eyes.




Pug sleeping

There was a pug, a little pug, but he only wants to sleep.


Pug drawing: a quick sketch

A quick sketch on the iPad. In trying to keep up with the pug a day.


That’s a mean pug that has run out of patience!

I drew a pug today (what is wrong with me?)


I copied it from this.


My drawing makes Simon look a little wacky wack, I think his head might be a little too small? In my drawing I mean. Simon’s head is the perfect size. That’s what she said.

Also, do you like how I tagged this as Art? :/

I drew a pug today

Day 3 of a pug-a-day.


Let’s draw some pugs!

Because why not? I’m teaching myself how to draw pugs. The Internet can teach you everythiiiiing.

I know he looks angry here. Pug eyes are complex, a little to much ink and you have mean city!


This one is a bit happier. This is not based on Simon this is just a random Internet pug.


Pugs with no comment



Interview with a Simon



Interview with a Simon

Me: Hi Simon.

Simon: Hi Cres.

Me: Really Simon? Cres? I always thought of myself as Mommy.

Simon: Really? Because I have always thought of you as a Cres.

Me: Really? Ok. But now I'm sad.

Simon: Don't be sad Cres

Me: Why?

Simon: Because you have me.

Me: But you kind of just said I'm not Mommy to you and now I'm totally having a crisis.

Simon: You are a combo of a wife and Mommy.

Me: Is that so?

Simon: Yes. You know exactly what do to do to make me feel better. That is what mommies and wives do no?

Me: Oh Simon.

Simon: Creeeeesssssss.

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