Upcycled Tissue Boxes

What a rad way to up cycle a tissue box!

Diary of a Mad Crafter

This tutorial is pretty much the same as my wrapped bottle tutorial, only this one uses a tissue box. It’s a little time consuming, but the results are pretty awesome, so in my opinion, it’s worth it. No one would ever be able to tell it was a tissue box when looking at the after picture! It looks like a little woven basket! If you wanted to make a larger version of this, you could use a thicker rope, so you’re not sitting there for hours wrapping the thin jute string around it!

I started by taping the top of the tissue box, so when I cut the top off, it wouldn’t fall apart. After cutting the top off, I started gluing the jute on. I used a hot glue gun, and when I do this again, I’ll start from the bottom, rather than the top, though it’s not…

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