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Unintentionally Xmas themed gifts

I am making a painted mug and vase for a friend but I only had red, green, gold and white glass paints. These are all xmassy and shit. Bah. I’m still giving them to her.


Almost Sunday Morning Perfection


I’m having a lovely morning. The fam gave me a day pass and I’m enjoying a Sunday morning in Manhattan. I tripped upon this sweet little coffee shop La Colombe Torrefaction. I’m enjoying a double espresso and chocolate croissant. However when I asked where the restroom is they said it wasn’t for customers. I exclaimed “a coffee shop without a bathroom?”. The guy said, “this is New York”. What does that even mean? I’m a born and bred New Yorker. People in New York certainly use the bathroom after drinking coffee? Unless I missed something. Their website says the coffee and customers come first. They should also add “but not if you need to use the bathroom”. Gah.

Who are you most like?


Find out here.

I am most like one from Central African Republic.

Vintage what the what

These couples seem like a real scream. Break out the cordial.

I know life was harder (no iPads, shoprite from home, indoor plumbing etc.), and they had to sit for a really long time to get the pictures right, but it really never fails to amaze me how serious their expressions are. Here are some more shots if you want a looksie.

And don’t even get me started on those hairdos. Those hairdos!

Forget about American Girl dolls

Forget about American Girl dolls

Your little girl would have liked this much better then that stupid fancy American Girl doll.  Perfect way to give it to them?  Tuck it into bed with her so when she wakes up she can meet her new friend.*

*I’m just kidding but this would be funny to do to a spouse.

Old tymey ladies

19th century fashions be buggin yo. Wool, cashmere, and being covered from head to toe was the norm. You can’t let men see your ankles or wrists because men are crazy animals and will be too tempted and riled up, interfering with their ability to rule the world. Take a looksie here.


I am sure in person these clothes were beautifully constructed, with small lady like stitching and intricate details. But how do you play with your kids, wash the dishes, and do all the other lady things with pounds of fabric all hanging on you?* Perhaps these were for the women that had help to order around, while they sat and tried not to die from heat exhaustion.

*lady things ha ha.

Tiny little house for you and me

Tiny little house for you and me

I mean if you are into this sort of thing.  Girlfriend has lots of detail on her tiny house blog, and man if I didn’t hate nature, bugs, and the outdoors so much this would be amaazing.

Mirror mirror on the wall

I have the best mirror in my foyer.  Everyone needs a skinny mirror.  I am not sure if it is the angle or the height but I never look anything less then fierce in it.  It is the first thing I see when I walk in, so even if I had a crappy day, I can at least say “but I look good!”.  On the other hand, there is a reflection that kills me every time I see it.  When walking into my office I have to go down a long hallway with windows at the end.  The windows reflect, and it isn’t cute.  How can I go from svelte supermodel in Montclair to a short squat dumpling at the office?  I must talk to the building manager about this.


Honesty is hard. It often can feel uncomfortable. I’m not talking about all forms of honesty. I am talking about the honesty you need when looking at yourself. Can you really make an authentic assessment? Who are we to other people? All others see is a collection of facts, details and ideas. Like anything really. A book, a movie, a piece of art, a dance movement, curve of a jaw, corner of a smile, a barrette holding up a tangle of hair.

Certain people seem very comfortable assessing others. They make judgements and write their stories. Stories written to suit themselves to soothe their own insecurities. It is much easier looking at others then really looking at oneself. This picture is created to make themselves more comfortable with their shortcomings. Why ever look at yourself when you can borrow details from the stories you are writing about others to make yourself feel less sad.

You guys, life is hard enough. The wisest advice I have ever received from a yogic teaching is to mind your own business. And I of course mean that in the sweetest way possible.


Butterfinger bites. I really needed an easier way to consume these, thanks Nestlé! Another amazing Sunday night.


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