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I cannot even begin to express how happy new makeup makes me. I only wear Bare Minerals because my skin is temperamental and hates anything else I try.


Love this shopping bag, did you all know I have a thing for packaging? I’m a total sucker. Here is my new lipstick, it’s Cherries on Top with Rebel on top of it. Rebel is from their Marvelous Moxie lip line which is supposed to make your lips bee stingee and, well, marvelous. I love it!


And I match my pretty new bag.

Wonder Woman Apron!

This is awesome!


Work ApronRemember my Wonder Woman retro apron? (You can take a quick peek here!) I’ve made and given away three so far and have more in the works, but I wanted to make a simpler, non-ruffly version for art teacher Tiffany (one of the beautiful brides on my mantel!) who wears fun aprons at work in her job as a middle school art teacher. Then I received a bag of sewing hand-me-downs, and tucked between some fabric remnants was a denim work apron—just the body with a pocket on the bib, no neck or waist ties . . . perfect! To WW-ize it, I:

  • removed the pocket,
  • appliqued one of my WW bibs right over the top of the denim,
  • used the pocket I removed for the inside of a new WW star fabric pocket and sewed it on the skirt, and
  • made and attached star-fabric neck and waist…

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Victoria Secret Nails It

This is exactly what I look like on my way to yoga too! It’s just missing the minivan, the dog hair covered pants, and my coffee spilling down my shirt.



Almost Sunday Morning Perfection


I’m having a lovely morning. The fam gave me a day pass and I’m enjoying a Sunday morning in Manhattan. I tripped upon this sweet little coffee shop La Colombe Torrefaction. I’m enjoying a double espresso and chocolate croissant. However when I asked where the restroom is they said it wasn’t for customers. I exclaimed “a coffee shop without a bathroom?”. The guy said, “this is New York”. What does that even mean? I’m a born and bred New Yorker. People in New York certainly use the bathroom after drinking coffee? Unless I missed something. Their website says the coffee and customers come first. They should also add “but not if you need to use the bathroom”. Gah.

Only in NY :)

Camels! I met these camels, jealous?

Going With Eddie

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Maurice Sendak

A little bit of happy.

This gave me the bumps!

Let everything happen to you

Beauty and terror

Just keep going

No feeling is final

-Rainer Maria Rilke


Not gonna lie


I love Lifetime movies. Maybe a viewing party? I will dvr, you can bring the chex mix.

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