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Follow up post to “Clip in bangs yay or nay?”

I googled how to DIY bangs and found a few tips. Then I just went ahead and did it.


I kind of feel like a sassy anchorwoman.

Clip in bangs, yay or nay?


I want to try bangs but I’m a big fraidy cat baby. So I googled images for clip in bangs and I just don’t know man. This link came up and Jessica Simpson seems pretty trustworthy to me. And $26.00 isn’t too much to gamble. I’m just nervous that I will think they look rad then step out in public and they won’t be that cute in real life. But the girl in this picture, she looks really happy.

Maybe I’ll just get another tattoo.


Half bunny, half pug

He looks like a bunny to me when he sits like this. I think its the way his leg lays. He loves sitting next to the heating vent in the kitchen.


I love Simon so much

But as he gets older he just not that into me. He prefers Jaime. But that’s okay. I still think we look alike, it’s the big heads and buggy eyes.



Hopeful avocado plants

Me and Beanie eat a lot of avocados. I’m trying to make them into plants, but man is it slow going. I’m looking at this as a practice in patience. Om shanti.




I insist on keeping myself very busy. I have two speeds, fast or coma. I almost feel as if i sit still that i will fall apart.

Webmaster, paid work, mothering, wiping, cleaning, dreaming, worrying, commuting, breathing fast, breathing slow, smiling, crying, blinking, admiring, flirting, waving, typing, eating, sewing, thinking, thinking, thinking, laughing, dreaming.

And it’s only 9:30 am.

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