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Go ahead, get lost in this.

Go ahead, get lost in this.

This is the article that the movie “Blue Crush” was based on.  Get lost, feel the sand, and wish you were a rad surfer-home schooled-Hawaiian goddess. It helps take the mind off these frigid temps!

To Infinity…And Beyond! (With a scarf)

To Infinity…And Beyond! (With a scarf)

Enjoy this super easy tutorial for a rad infinity scarf. Perfect for birthday presents!!! Here is a pic of the one I made.


Pugs will save the day.

Pugs will save the day.

All you need is pugs…all you need is pugs…all you need is pugs, pugs, pugs are all you need (please sing this to the tune of All You Need is Love). It doesn’t really fit this video but it just felt right.



I will always have a pug in my life. Pugs!

Once again I am proving to be the best mother IN THE WORLD.

Once again I am proving to be the best mother IN THE WORLD.

Journal quilting!  Make a square for each month with cutesy things your kids say/do.  Awwww, he just told me he hates me for the first time.  Let me quick stitch this into my journal square.  The attached link also gives ideas for stitching and piecing.  Love this!

Forget about American Girl dolls

Forget about American Girl dolls

Your little girl would have liked this much better then that stupid fancy American Girl doll.  Perfect way to give it to them?  Tuck it into bed with her so when she wakes up she can meet her new friend.*

*I’m just kidding but this would be funny to do to a spouse.

Tiny little house for you and me

Tiny little house for you and me

I mean if you are into this sort of thing.  Girlfriend has lots of detail on her tiny house blog, and man if I didn’t hate nature, bugs, and the outdoors so much this would be amaazing.

Today in pug news

Today in pug news

This had me smiling like a mental patient.  Pugs forever!

Life stuff

Life stuff

This piece really spoke to me.  I hope you enjoy it too.

My Mother, My Daughter

My Mother, My Daughter

This is a beautifully honest account of a young woman’s experience taking care of a sick parent.  If this doesn’t make you tear up you are an asshole.

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