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Month: May, 2012

The 5 Stages Of Job Interview Grief « Thought Catalog

The 5 Stages Of Job Interview Grief « Thought Catalog.

So many are looking for jobs.  This article made me laugh, even if the job market is bleak we can still smile? Or something? I hate myself for even saying that.

No use in crying over spilled dressing…

To complete my further self beratement over eating today, I went and got a big salad and of course dumped too much dressing all over it.  The only reason I eat salad is because I love dressing.  Doing to many things at once at the desk and I got a nice big glob on my lap.  Takeaways?  Too much dressing is disgusting and I need to get it together.  Also, you are supposed to eat with a napkin on your lap so these stupid things don’t happen.

Crumbs Cupcakes, why do you tempt me so?

I came into work this morning not feeling great (a couple of drinks last night, ok three) combined with my allergies does not make a great mix.  I toodled into the kitchen to get my coffee and I see these puppies on the counter.

Why are you sitting there all innocent like you aren't about to ruin me?

Why?!? I should be having oatmeal and almonds or something, and yet my hands are going towards the box, opening the box, cutting the cupcakes, and ultimately shoving them in my mouth. I feel the rush of pleasure as soon as they hit my face.  I could keep going until they disappear (I like to finish things once I start, I am a high acheiver like that) but I hold back.  It is the small victories.

Watch for my next post where I incessantly congratulate myself on purchasing my monthly train pass for June, and yet it is still May.

Frizz monster


I used to have silky straight hair. Ever since starting Accutane in January, my hair is big, puffy and frizzy. But still straight at the same time? As Sawyer would say, “nannoying!”. Also, isn’t this stock photo hilarious? I’m actually wearing a white tank top now and doing the same thing with my hands.

It’s too darn hot

This weather makes me one cranky commuter.

Why is there no air conditioning in Penn Station? As if commuting wasn’t ridiculous enough. Someone just asked me for change of a 20. I didn’t have, as I usually walk around with about a dollar in my purse. But, then she had the nerve to point out how sweaty I am, and asked me if I was ok! It’s hot out people and I’m on my last nerve. I’m on a medication ok. It makes me sweat as it is and combined with the oppressive heat I will always be drenched. Think about cold things think about cold things…

Bar Method, why can’t I stop obsessing?

I just bought the $175 unlimited monthly for The Bar Method. I have been taking it for a few weeks and so far I am noticing small changes. My arms and legs seem more toned, and overall I feel a bit taller? Anyway, with all of these “border” body parts getting smaller, I feel like my pot belly is even pot bellier? How is this possible/this isn’t fair/why can’t I have anything nice? Gah. I would love to embrace my pot belly, but it just seems so unjust. I have 24 classes on the schedule for this month. I’m curious to see what changes will come. Will I be a bar star? Will people stop me on the street and ask, “well however did you get that amazingly flat stomach”? I will check in after class 24 and give my full assessment.




These kids are spoiled.


Happy birthday to me


Syd came in at 6:44 this morning and surprised me with a lovely breakfast in bed. She prepared everything by herself. I’m the luckiest girl ever. Even if I woke up with my period.

It’s fun to get pretty


We enjoyed our evening in the city. I love having a reason to get myself extra pretty. Sandy’s bar mitzvah was beautiful and The Greenbergs could not have sparkled harder. It was also excellent catching up with the beautiful Julie Sherman. I always come away from these events wishing I got to see everyone more frequently.

Live blogging from The Gansevoort



Jaime and I just checked into The Gansevoort. Sitting at the pool on the roof and soaking in the views. We are thoroughly enjoying our kid free time. Enjoying a cocktail and really loving life right about now. I thinking need to do this a couple of times a year.

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