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Month: December, 2012

Sewing room takeover


2 young ladies have taken over my sewing room.

To Infinity…And Beyond! (With a scarf)

To Infinity…And Beyond! (With a scarf)

Enjoy this super easy tutorial for a rad infinity scarf. Perfect for birthday presents!!! Here is a pic of the one I made.


Almost Sunday Morning Perfection


I’m having a lovely morning. The fam gave me a day pass and I’m enjoying a Sunday morning in Manhattan. I tripped upon this sweet little coffee shop La Colombe Torrefaction. I’m enjoying a double espresso and chocolate croissant. However when I asked where the restroom is they said it wasn’t for customers. I exclaimed “a coffee shop without a bathroom?”. The guy said, “this is New York”. What does that even mean? I’m a born and bred New Yorker. People in New York certainly use the bathroom after drinking coffee? Unless I missed something. Their website says the coffee and customers come first. They should also add “but not if you need to use the bathroom”. Gah.

I made a skirt yo!

I made this skirt.

I’m already thinking about the options…I tried basic black for now.


Uncommonly Good Pie Maker

I’m such a sucker for the impulse buys placed by the checkout line. As soon as I saw this I knew I needed it in my life.


It had me at hello.

Your LL Bean Boyfriend

I thought I was the only one that flipped through catalogs and made up imaginary conversations/life events/situations with the models frolicking through the pages. Apparently, I’m not.

I LOVE doing this with the Athleta catalog.


I’m so gloriously aligned after the yoga class I just took. I’ll just slip into my Sochi Sweater Dress and meet my girls for a tea. Life is good, I’m smiling, and I’m carrying a blue mug.

Handpainted tray


Just really really getting my craft on yo.

Picture frames

Picture frames! Perfect for gift giving.


Only in NY :)

Camels! I met these camels, jealous?

Going With Eddie

Submitted by Emily L.

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Happy New Year – 2012 Year in Review (according to my FB page)


I went backstage and got to see real life Rocekettes.  I also got to meet a camel.

I went apple picking.

I liked 400 pages about pugs.

I liked Tory Burch shoes.

Sawyer discovered yoga.

Sydney does a talent show.

I lost my shoe running for a train.

I drank at the Gansevoort.

I turned 35.

I updated my profile picture.

I took a nice picture of my niece and nephew with Sydney and Sawyer.

Was this a year well lived?  You betcha.

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