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Vintage what the what

These couples seem like a real scream. Break out the cordial.

I know life was harder (no iPads, shoprite from home, indoor plumbing etc.), and they had to sit for a really long time to get the pictures right, but it really never fails to amaze me how serious their expressions are. Here are some more shots if you want a looksie.

And don’t even get me started on those hairdos. Those hairdos!

Old tymey ladies

19th century fashions be buggin yo. Wool, cashmere, and being covered from head to toe was the norm. You can’t let men see your ankles or wrists because men are crazy animals and will be too tempted and riled up, interfering with their ability to rule the world. Take a looksie here.


I am sure in person these clothes were beautifully constructed, with small lady like stitching and intricate details. But how do you play with your kids, wash the dishes, and do all the other lady things with pounds of fabric all hanging on you?* Perhaps these were for the women that had help to order around, while they sat and tried not to die from heat exhaustion.

*lady things ha ha.

The important things

Now that I have my new sewing machine up and running I will be making matching dresses for me and Sydney. Nothing makes me happier then passing on fine values to her, like matching dresses, beauty parlor hair and always having crisp vegetables plattered and ready to serve.


Babies and cellophane

I love looking at vintage ads on Retronaut. Some of them are really something. Do you think our counterparts in the 30s thought these were pretty silly too, or are we just bigger assholes now that have to comment on everything?


“…and things in Cellophane are clean and sanitary.”. Liars. Babies are not clean and sanitary.


The baby on the right is licking the cellophane. Stupid baby.


I know you only registered for one baby but I saw this pair on the shelf and I couldn’t resist. I even got you extra cellophane to keep them clean. Clean and sanitary.

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