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Jersey Mike’s

On Rt 71, Long Branch. I’m having the italian original, Mike’s Way. How do you like me now?


Great weekend

After years and years coming to the Berkshires, we finally got her in the boat AND on the tube.
This is Ruby, Eric and Julie’s daughter.


It’s amazing to see her finally try something and realize how much she loves it. Love her.


While I sit at my desk

My children are leaping through the air.*



I can’t be sure, but I think they are enjoying themselves.


*Supervised fun of course. Daddy and Shirley took them to the beach club for the day.

July 4th Recap

Dang it was hot out yesterday. We went to watch the 4th of July parade in Montclair. As always, we had a lovely time, even if we were sweating our petunias off.

Here is a picture from Sawyer’s first July 4th parade in 2008. You can see that he loved it.


Just kidding, he actually nursed the entire time then fell asleep. Here he is really enjoying the parade. I managed to catch a smile when he took a break from whining.


Sydney and Gabby had a great time. Sydney was keeping an eye out for the parade marchers. They throw candy to the kids and the most important thing in Syd’s life, besides clothing, is sugar, obvs.


Me and my gurl Wendy. Doesn’t she have the best smile?


Happy 4th everyone!

Hip hip hooray


It is so nice to need sunglasses. The rain can suck it.

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