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I cannot even begin to express how happy new makeup makes me. I only wear Bare Minerals because my skin is temperamental and hates anything else I try.


Love this shopping bag, did you all know I have a thing for packaging? I’m a total sucker. Here is my new lipstick, it’s Cherries on Top with Rebel on top of it. Rebel is from their Marvelous Moxie lip line which is supposed to make your lips bee stingee and, well, marvelous. I love it!


And I match my pretty new bag.

Gosh it’s bright in here

Syd’s favorite place, Justice. Only the highest of fashion for her. I imagine this is what the inside of her head looks like.


Sawyer is being a really good sport. He seems a little perplexed by it all.


Rent the Runway

My lovely friend told me about this amaaaazing site. They let you rent the latest dresses from top designers, and they even have personal stylists that help you with fit and accessories. How fun to be able to wear a gorgeous dress but not have to buy it? Honestly how many times do you have to buy something that you know your ass is only going to need once? She even wound up changing her mind and they overnighted a different dress to her, and could not have been nicer about it. Check it out.

Rent the Runway

You’re welcome.

I almost went there


This. I almost went there, but decided against it. It would have been me and those blueberry pop tarts in the car with only an empty box left over. God, I really love junk food. I understand what my kids go through when I tell them no blue juice, no pixie stix, no cocoa pebbles. I love it all.

Some QT with Syd


Syd had to get a few things from Justice and I had a gift card to Bloomies (thanks Uncle Jordan). Off to Willowbrook we went.

We hit Justice. Syd is in absolute heaven.


Grabbed some lunch in the food court after. I had a surprisingly good salad and Syd got some Chinese.


Last stop Bloomies! Guess who scored a pair of shoes for $2.97? Me it’s my blog, duh.

Major sale + gift card = thrilled lady.



We headed to a party for Syd’s teacher Mrs. Williams, hosted by the lovely Stacey Cooper and Diane Harrison. Guess what 8 year old was making fart jokes when they brought out the teacher’s cake? Classy.


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